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Why FieldSmart?

Why Use FieldSmart On Your Farm?

You have a lot of tools at your disposal, so why choose FieldSmart? Because you want to maximize your results and make sure that your farm is operating as efficiently as it can, with a goal of increasing your profits over time.


What FieldSmart Is

FieldSmart is a combination of data and strategic advice that is designed to highlight your opportunities and nip problems in the bud. We turn your data into usable information that can help you make the best decisions for your land and crops, and provide advice where you need it.

Through data management, variable rate services, electrical conductivity mapping, and crop consulting, we’ll help pinpoint where you may be losing value in your fields and help get it back.

We aren’t trying to sell you anything except the best solutions for your farm, so our advice is always unbiased and never tied to a product purchase. Our agronomists provide their honest assessment based on your data and what they see in your fields. They are the eyes and boots on the ground working with you to decide what’s best and help you make the most of every opportunity.


Make Your Farm More Efficient

Every farmer would like to think that their farm is running at peak efficiency. But the truth is, without the hard data to back it up, this is often wishful thinking. Comparing your outcomes year over year will yield some results in increasing your efficiency, but expert guidance is really the quickest way to start maximizing your profits and minimizing any extra expense.

There's numerous ways to examine the efficiency of your farm. Good accounting practices and review of historical financials is one. Using digital ag technology that provides excellent data on things like weather and equipment performance and can streamline things like input application and harvest is another. And, converting all of that information into something useful can eat up your valuable time.

So, who can you turn to when you’ve realized that you’re likely missing valuable opportunities on your farm? The unbiased experts at FieldSmart. We can take you through every step in the process, whether you’ve got years of data already, or need us to gather it. We’ll share that data (which always belongs to you, we just keep it stored safely) in ways that are understandable and actionable, and if we see room for improvement, we’ll help you reach for peak performance.

An efficient farm is a profitable farm. You want your farm to be as efficient as possible.


FieldSmart Advantage

Be as efficient as you could be. See how what we offer compares.




Independent & Unbiased


Local Agronomists


Extensive Equipment Knowledge 


Full Service (Agronomy & Equipment)


Biomass Generated Recommendations 

✔ (In-season)

Multiple layers of data

(EC, Soil Tests, Elevation, Yield, Biomass, Profit)


Soil and Crop Science Based Recommendations 


Long Term Farm Plans 


Driven by Sales



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