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Based on your needs, we’ll work with you to discuss your current situation and develop a customized program tailored to your individual requirements within an agreed budget. We have product solutions designed to fit every situation.

Our end-to-end solutions include:

Client Farm Setup

All FieldSmart clients would have a consistent, clear, and meaningful setup of your field naming structures, boundaries, guidance lines, and a ‘naming’ index of seed, varieties, fertilizer, and chemicals to be used. 

Data Cleanup

We will ensure that all data flowing from your equipment into MyOperations center is accurate by field. The customer is responsible for post-harvest calibration data from a trusted weigh scale.

Prescription Creation

Our precision agronomists create prescriptions based on field variability. We identify variation utilizing tools such as electrical conductivity mapping, topography, soil properties, field history, satellite imagery, and historical information.  Based on the variation the field is divided into zones and the prescription is created to maximize the fields’ potential

Crop Planning

In collaboration with you, we will review and develop your next year’s requirements that include everything from the overall crop rotation to field-specific formulas, fertilizer, pesticides, and seed.

Production Equipment Optimization

We ensure that your equipment is programmed to deliver the planned inputs. Aid in getting the machinery to capture the actual results and compare data to the plan. Assist in affirming that equipment is capable of mechanically performing the desired plan.

John Deere Precision Ag Platform

At no additional charge, we will introduce and support the John Deere Precision Ag platform, throughout the season. (Any Deere fees will be the responsibility of the Client.

Agronomy Consulting

Complete farm agronomy management services utilizing data, insect, weed, and disease scouting, and crop health technology (weather stations, moisture probes, etc.) all season long.

Unlimited Satellite Imagery

Access to satellite imagery viewable on the FieldSmart website.

Profit Mapping

Understand where you are making money and where your opportunities exist. Provides analytics including ROI, Breakeven, Profit, Margin down to the acre in an easily viewable form - identify where those opportunities are and discuss options with our agronomists as to how to exploit those opportunities

FieldSmart Web Platform

The home to all of your agronomic data in a secure, password-protected location - as applied, as planted, soil samples, yield, imagery, prescriptions, EC data, and weather; we utilize the data but you own it.

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