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About Our Agronomists

The biggest difference that you’ll find between our agronomists and others you may have worked with in the past is their dedication to unbiased advice and their experience with a wide range of equipment. Their knowledge is top-of-their-field when it comes to your land, crops, and equipment and they rely on not just accurate data, but a boots on the ground approach to get all of the angles. They are never out to sell you a particular solution or product to fulfill a sales goal just to be rewarded. Their number one commitment is to the success of your farm.

Benefits of Working with Our Agronomists 

When you decide to work with us, we’ll start with a conversation. Whether that’s in person at our place or yours, or over the phone, we want to talk with you about what you want and need. Initially we’ll want to know what data you already have that’s coming off any machines or weather stations, 
or other data collection that you’ve had done or do yourself. With these we can start to fill in where you might have gaps in your data and how we can fill them.

Steps we take: 

  • Finding out if you feel your data is useful, whether you think you’re making the most of it, or if you currently use it at all.

  • We will discuss how you’re making decisions on your farm and what advice you might already be getting – whether that’s paid for or coffee shop talk.

  • We want to know what the goals and dreams for your farm are, and any obstacles that you’ve been facing.

  • We will tailor an action plan to get you from where you are now, to where you want to be, and build a custom package for you.

  • We gather data and analyze what's needed in your fields.

  • We then complete the road map to success with any prescriptions or recommendations we think will help you meet your goals.

When you sign up with FieldSmart, we work for you. We don’t work for another company with input sales goals to meet, but for you and your farm. If you need advice or a solution on an issue or opportunity that’s come up, we’ll come out to your fields to check things out and give you our best unbiased advice. There are a lot of questions that just can’t be answered over the phone.

You can rely on our expert guidance because we’re on your team and when you win, we win.




Our Agronomists


Don Campbell

Alex Olson



Brett Sinclair

Lisa Pylypow


Other FieldSmart Team Members:
Bruce Smith


Russell Boltezar

Chris Unruh

Kendra Hugo

Gina Corraini


Twan van Ham

James Knight

Picture Soon

Lisa Kessler


Other FieldSmart Team Members:

Caleb Keddy
Adrian Hochstetler
Joe Bydevaate
Jerry Van Lent
George Koethler

Agronomist FAQs

How involved are your agronomists in the FieldSmart process?

As involved as you want them to be. Our team of agronomists can act as a sounding board for your decisions, act as a second set of eyes, review your data for you or help create your entire cropping plan for the year.

How experienced are your agronomists?

Our team of agronomists are highly experienced. We have seven professional agronomists with a combined over 100 years of experience.

Do I have to use John Deere Equipment to use a FieldSmart Agronomist?

No! We work with all colors and makes. We understand the technology across all platforms.

Why would I use a FieldSmart Agronomist vs. an Input Retailer vs. a Competing Company?

We provide unbiased,  independent  and confidential advice to optimize your crop production and profitability. We are your Crop Optimization Specialists.

Who owns my data?

You - the producer! We access the data to provide the insights and advice to you and it is always accessible to you.  We will never sell or share this data with any company, nor release it to anyone. We are Ag Data Transparent.

Cost Benefit Analysis


FieldSmart Advantage

We are not sales based! We protect your best interest and bottom line by offering you unbiased,independent, knowledgeable advice free from ties to any product. You can use the inputs you choose and we will help you utilize them to the best of their potential. It’s all about the right agronomic product, at the right time, in the right place, and at the right rate.

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