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FieldSmart is your key to unlocking the full potential of your land.

Our comprehensive approach delivers ultimate support to 
maximize results and increase profits over time.

Meet with us to 
define your goals 
and customize
your package.

We collect and review your data, including boots on the ground 
in your field.

We provide recommendations, prescriptions and solutions to make the most of every opportunity.

Get in-season support with any issues that arise.

Watch your profits increase year 
over year as we 
work together.

Why FieldSmart?

You want to make the most of your opportunities and nip problems in the bud, and that’s where we excel. 

Our range of services are designed to give you the support you need to make meaningful changes in your management and operations that will ultimately lead to higher efficiency and better profits.

FieldSmart Advantage

Are you unlocking the 
full potential in your land?

If you want better efficiency and yields, 
more meaningful information, and of course, more profit – the unbiased, strategic advice
and targeted services from us stand 
out above the rest.


I appreciate being able to use my FieldSmart Agronomist data as another set of eyes and as an unbiased sounding board. The most important thing I value is that she does not try to sell me products or try to influence agronomic-based decisions on selling any products. The FieldSmart variable rate program that I use has helped me become more efficient with my resources.
Scott Bradley
Producer at Stranraer
It’s an exciting time, the industry is exciting. There are a lot of things happening right now. Five years ago that edge was there, it still is. All of this is letting us be competitive with cheap land costs, the big agricultural powerhouses, we get to be ahead of them technology-wise. It’s a competitive industry and this gives an edge.
Marcel Dubois
Producer South of Rosetown

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Our software provides tools for mining, querying & summarizing spatial, temporal & tabular data for better management decisions