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About Us

Who We Are


FieldSmart was created in 2010 as an in-house agronomic solution to ensure that producers who were purchasing equipment from Western Sales could get advice on their prescriptions to ensure they would work for their equipment. We saw the struggle between mismatched equipment and prescriptions and wanted to fix that obstacle.

We wanted to provide greater confidence that no matter the chosen equipment or technology, there would be a seamless and easy solution to variable rate activities on their farm. This is how we grew into the complete package of advice and services that we are today – by consistently wanting to provide our customers something easier and more effective for their farms.

Our team is made up of individuals who understand every side of farming, including the latest equipment, to give the best advice possible. We grow with our customers in mind because the success we see and help to foster on your farms is what drives us to get better at our jobs every single season. 


Our Community Giving

FieldSmart, as part of Western Sales, has generated over $550,000 for local communities with our Community Lottery and Stars Ambulance over the past nine years. We contribute to local sporting teams and facilities, community groups and their fundraisers, as well providing an annual high school scholarship to a student entering an ag based program.  That’s more than $60,000 on average going to support the communities we’re in every single year.